DONG UK KIM - Tänzer

I graduated bachelor and master degree in Korea. I have been performed as a dancer also as

a choreographer. I have spent long time to research and find my own movement with the qigong,

martial art, acting and sound. My dance movement starts from the awareness of body: open

all the possibilities of movement through the improvisation, and constitutes a movement

by choice of the moment. And that choice controls the flow, breathing, direction, body part, texture,speed, rhythm, sight, emotion of the movement. Expression of emotion in dance should

start from the state of the body. If it starts from the emotion it self, will close the sight. The body contains the personal history most honestly. So if we are aware of this, the emotion which starts from the body will be the most honest and pure emotion expression. To have awareness of the body and to control the movement, the most important role is the use of sole and breathing. We are always dancing and standing on the ground with the gravity, and basically sole is attached to the ground. It will show the different qualities of the movement depending on how we use the sole: central axis, central movement,central stability and collapse. And the breathing is the basic of all movements. The breathing controls the choice of when we dance. The dance quality will become reacher when we know how to breath in dance.

I have been performed in Europe several times with the dance creation made in Korea. Every time when I came to Europe, I wanted to stay longer to learn as I met and saw the different artists, creations, and diverse way of thinking, but I hold off as my point of view was not clear yet.

But now, I want to challenge myself as I think I am ready. I desire to work in the bigger art field where has many chances to work with different back-ground artists..